LSMaker - The application to add light sabre effects to your video slots

LSMaker is a program developed to serve the needs of people thinking similarly to me and are keen supporters of the Star Wars movies. You can create lights saber/laser sword effects with this program easily. LSSound is an other program, it can be used to put sound effects fast to videos. LSText lets you create flying text, images just like in the movies or other flash games that use the latest technology. This program gave inspiration to many games including igaming software makers - some of the games on this free slots page contain elements of the inspiration. It is worth visiting. Also the small casino video streaming on youtube is available for those interested. On the impact of online gambling obession study read our suggested sources.

If you create a video using my programs but you must add that this video was created with LSMaker.

Latest version: 1.64 - you can download it from here:

Nowadays mobile applications have become wide-spread. All you need to do is download software from the app store or google play and after installation you will have access to actual games or the application itself. There are some problems though: some of the applications may contain adware and some related unwanted phenomenon. Do not worry however as the applications are safe enough to run on your mobile device. A good piece of advice though: use a virus checker that detects potential harmful program and stops it from being downloaded or installed.

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