Using LSText


This program lets you create flying text (opening crawl) videos just like in the movies.

Write a text to the text area at the buttom of the main window. You can add some conrol characters to the text, these must be placed at the beginning of a line. I you start the line with "|" The text alignment will be center. Use "^" to set text alignment full, [ left, ] right.

You can also change the size of the letters by adding "~#~" at the beginning of a line or if there is an alignment changer than after that. Replace # with a number.

You must add empty lines (with at least one unvisible character for exaple space) to the end of the text in order to make the text fly away by the end of the video, not just sop when the last line becoms visible. I you add many empty lines the text will fly further.

Press Render frame to see a preview. Drag the trackbar to move in the video.

Select Options menu to finetune the program. A quite complicated window will appear.

The program has two different rendering modes. The default (flying text) is the normal crwling text, the other one is an image (or text) flying away faceing (!) to the camera (flying image). Press the default values next to the selected mode because some settings differ a bit...

You can set the properies of the output image and the rendering options. Width and Height are the size of the image. clip length is the length in frames. Set longer to slow down the video. AA is anti-aliasing. When checked, the output quality will increase a lot but speed goes down. Set it to 3 for best result but not higher. No need to set until the final render. Start from is a positive ur negative number. This means when the video should start earlier or later than set to 0. If you use the flying image mode, usually you sould set this value to about -10 or less. Because at frame 0 the image will fill the picture but you need want the picture even bigger, so you want to start it from -10. Set this number to positive if you want the video to start later.

Background: you can set here whether you want to use a solid color as background or an image (with or withot resizing it to the size of the output image (Fit)). If you use a bitmap, the selected color above it is the transparent color. I don't really recommend using background images here, except you don't have othe video editing software. For example Premiere is better to add background and you can have continous background with cuts or you can add motion backgrounds also.

You can change the resize method here. Risize is the fastest, but the quality is the worst. Good for preview. Use lanczos at the final render. And use AA also!

Perspective properties: tough one. Heght is the height of the camera above the text, distance is the distance of the camera from text (not counting height)... When you set a large number for distance it is similar to small view angle, big zoom in photography. The perspective will be pushed... Small value for distance make wide view angle, no zoom, the closest lines will be very tall, the further ones will be very short. Height determine the gradiation of the crawling text. There are two ways to render the prspective. To swith between them, you can check or uncheck "Infinity height on image". If checked, the number next to it determines where the horizont is, in which line on the output image (calculated from the lowest line), this is the infinity where the text crawls to (but never reaches). No need to calculate the lines, just simly click with the left button while holding ctrl. If unchecked, the number means nothing. Except one thing. When you use the flying image mode, this specifies the upper edge of the image at the last frame. So set it a bit above the middle.

Text: Click Change font to change font attributes and next to it to change font color. If the letters show big, you might need to get rid of the big pixels at the edges. "Change font size to n x" means it will multiply the font size with the given number. But when you cange this, you might need to change perspective properties again. Row spacing...

If you turn Dissolve on, you need to specify two numbers. Well, just click with the mouse buttons on the image while holdin ctrl. A black and a white point will appear. The white should be under the black one. This means that the rendered thext under the white point will be normal. The text between the white and the black will dissolve to black (to the background color). The part above the black point will be black. You should set the white point where the text starts to become unreadable and the black a bit higher.

You can select from 3 options what to render. By default it is text. You can also export the text to bitmap to make some changes on it. the second is to render a bitmap (for example the one you exported and manipulated). The third option is to generate a pattern. This is a checked pattern. It helps you to set the perspective properties (attributes). It shows the motion also well. The first line (x,y) is the dimensions of the pattern. The second means how many squares should apper horizontally and vertically. The third line (+y) means kow much black sould be added to the end. When you render a frame with text the dimensions of the text appears in the options window in the lower left corner. Use this values for the pattern also. But don't forget to set the black part seperate...

When ready you can export the final video th stills (bmp or jpeg) or to AVI in the export menu.

Have fun

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