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What is/Who is LSMaker?

LSMaker is a program developed by me and you can create lights saber/laser sword effects with this program. LSSound is an other program, it can be used to put sound effects easily and fast to videos. LSText lets you create flying text, images just like in the movies.

I call myself LSMaker on these pages.

See My programs page!

See the list on the left!

If you create a video using my programs you must add that this video was created with LSMaker.

Please add comments or ask your questions in the Forum first (but check whether it was already asked), not in E-mail! Thanks!

Latest version: 0.967

2006. 01. 27.

New LSMaker version (0.967)

2005. 09. 03.

Minor fix in LSText again.

2005. 08. 06.

Minor fix in LSText, 0.966beta of LSMaker (experimental version) can be downloaded here (see forum for more infos).

2005. 07. 07.

New LSMaker version (0.965) (see what's new in the forum), small update/fix in LSSound.

2005. 07. 01.

Fixed "Glass video effect" and "Bitrate calculator" download links.

2005. 06. 17.

New LSMaker online with lots of new features again... See the forum for details.

2005. 06. 14.

LSMaker update: Can import videos reversed, resample video while export.

2005. 06. 13.

New LSMaker (0.962). I've fixed the issues while zooming (zoom+mask...), now it is possible to modify the blade and color mixing method separately (and there's one new method), alpha channel image now supported (alpha_filename.bmp/jpg), language selection.

2005. 05. 28.

I've fixed the still picture import (jpg, bmp)

2005. 05. 26.

Experimental new version. The new functions are not reliable yet.

2005. 05. 23.

I've uploaded a lightning effect. See LSMaker page.

2005. 05. 21.

Framerate bugs in LSMaker fixed.
More bugs fixed.

2005. 05. 20.

LSMaker updated. New features, see forum.
Simple BlueBox pragram at my programs.

LSMaker bugfix, fixed: when scrollbars appeared the points were placed wrong 2005.05.14.
Added LSText guide to Guides. Lsmaker.zip was corrupt on server. Fixed. 2005.04.23.
Few updates (readme was missing from LSSound and LSStext .zips), updated videos, new menu item: Pictures 2005.04.17-19.
New Guide: How to open a non-AVI video with LSMaker, and what to do if it doesn't open the video? 2005.04.15.
New LSStar program see My programs page (simple starfield image generator, useful for LSText) 2005.04.15.
New LSMaker (new features, advanced saber color generation) 2005.03.28. New version: 0.952!
New programs 2005.03.21.
New LSMaker (bugfix!) 2005.03.20. New version: 0.951!

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