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LSBlueBox (NEW 2005.05.20.)

This program is a simple blue-box, keyer program. It is good to add stars or background to the LSText videos. Click here to download.

LSStar (NEW 2005.04.15.)

This program lets you create starfield images, which can be useful for creating backgrounds for LSText. Click here to download.


With this program, you can easily create motion pictures from still pictures. Very similar to the Adobe Premiere's plugin, except this doesn't samples down the source image to the output sizes, this improves the quality a lot. Click here to download.

Glass video effect

This program is for adding interesting "Glass effect" to videos. But also can be used with still pictures. Click here to download.

Bitrate Calculator

This program helps you calculate the bitrate to encode videos with to achieve the desired final video size. Click here to download.

Video Image Preprocessor

This program is developed to help DV editing. Exporting a still image to TV or VCR is an easy thing to do. But TVs crop off the picture's edges, which is very annoying when looking pictures on TV that were taken with a digital camera. Sometimes it is more annoying when some parts of the image is flickering because of the interlacing. This tool lets you prepare a still picture to export to TV.
Some features: cropping, frame, filtered resize, deinterlace (reduces flickering), batch processing. Click here to download.


This is an encrypting program. It uses a very complex algorithm. Enc27 is developed for DOS, Enc98 is for Windows. Enc27 can create SFX (Self extractor) files too.


This handy tool is for splitting and combining files. It helps sending larger files via E-Mail. Click here to download.

File Editor

This program is a hex editor. It can also read and write many kind of types (32, 16, 8 ... bit integers, strings). It also has a built-in radix converter. You can edit in hex or decimal too. Click here to download.

Fullscreen Image Viewer

A simple program that opens BMP and JPG images and shows them in fullscreen. Zooming is also possible with mouse clicks or wheel. the picture's filename must be specified in parameter. (fsiv.exe picture.jpg). Hit escape to exit. Press keys 1-7 to change resample algorithms. 0 to set zoom to 100%. Ideal for quickview in Win98 (associate this program to BMPs and JPGs), or use with presentations. Click here to download.



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